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The Engine

VEMS (Virtual Energy Management System) is a tool that will contribute to reducing the energy costs in your building without any additional investment expenditures. By synchronizing with BMS (Building Management System), it collects large amounts of data on an ongoing basis, and a dedicated algorithm adjusts the air-conditioning or ventilation to the current conditions. VEMS successfully generates savings if applied for the management of medium or large objects, such as cinemas, office buildings or retail stores.

Business Model

In VEMS you pay only for the results without covering any investment costs. You do not need to replace the whole infrastructure, because our solution is compatible with the existing installations of your building. VEMS has been created in order to substantially reduce the costs of energy and other utilities without changing any installations. VEMS optimises the energy management in your building by reducing maintenance costs without binding you by any long-term agreement.


Virtual Operator®

The Virtual Operator is our original solution. It is one of the elements of VEMS. Since no two buildings are identical, we have created the Virtual Operator that – using artificial intelligence technology – connects to and monitors different types of building management systems. Relieving humans, the Virtual Operator monitors any changes occurring in building management systems and takes actions as required. A dedicated algorithm repeats the examination cycle no less than 5 times per minute. The software is easy to configure and scale and includes automatic adjustment tools. Moreover, it integrates with any type of BMS regardless of its manufacturer.


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